Loupe Award results

I have a few awards back from the Loupe Awards with 4 Bronze and one Silver so far.

In every case so far there has been one judge who has been marking me down by 10 points lower than the rest which has been really mucking with my average! It has cost me at least one Silver award…doh!

If I find out who it is there will be no cuddles for that fellow! šŸ™

Perth’s Lightning Storm

After seeing the news report this evening, predicting a lighting storm for Perth, I decided to head out to see what I could find.

The first thing was an amazing blood red sunset which I managed to capture setting over Fremantle Port.

Then off to Cable Stations to try to get some lightning and then finally Indinana Tearooms.

The storm was unfortunately passing by a little out to sea so the elusive lightning shot I have been longing for still evades me, but I am not unhappy with this evenings results all the same!

Waggs and the Whale Shark

I found this image lurking in my RAW files. We had a channel 7 crew on board during the Cendrawasih Bay Whale Shark cruise and together with the crew was a cool dude by the name of Waggs. For sure Waggs new his stuff both as a camera man and as an editor.

This shot was taken just after sunrise which was cool as our lights made more impact.

I really like how Waggs’ light gave me a great backlight.

Thanks for the fun times Waggs and hope you like the shot!

Colourful West Papua underwater scenes

Some more underwater images from the recent True North cruise in West Papua.

The top image is of a really cool display of some Gorgonian fans which I did up as a 3 image stitch so that I could get my light closer to make the colours jump…and to also get some file size about it as well I guess.

How’s the colour in the blue fish and the domain they live in, right in amongst the sharpest of coral, which then becomes their fortress.

Rottnest season is now officially open!

For as long as I can remember the weekend after the 15th of November has marked the unofficial opening of the Rottnest season, for no other reason other than it coincides with the opening of the crayfishing season.

So after a small hiccup with a flat battery in the dinghy, we followed the tradition and made our way to Longreach.

There was a bit of swell so only a couple of crays were caught but at least we are on the board as they say.

After the dive we went for a snorkel where we found this cool stingray hiding under a layer of sand. I managed to get a few shots off before he had enough.

The last shot was of the flick of the tail that was all I saw when he disappeared in a cloud of dust…very cool!