More Shots from the Whale Shark Morning

I have been sifting through some more of the images captured whilst on True North in West Papua recently and came up with these 2 that I had skimmed over until now.

The one of Bell watching the shark feeding is cool and the other is of my wife Lee nicely silhouetted against the bubbles worked well also I thought.

10 thoughts on “More Shots from the Whale Shark Morning

    1. Hey Wags…thanks mate…you were certainly there as it is your light that is creating the nice backlight for me in this shot!

      I have done up a cool 4 minute video of Mitch, but for the life of me cannot seem to get it uploaded on Vimeo…doing my head in it is!

  1. Mark amazing video loved your shots still day dreaming about a fantastic trip. Thanks for your help with the camera. I can see when I compare my photo which ones I got right.
    Kind regards to Lee, Nickki and yourself
    Barb & Jack

  2. Hi Barb,

    Great to hear from you and pleased that you got to see the video.

    As I said to you on the day, when you follow the rules those are the pics that jump out at you when you go back over them for sure!

    I am pleased I could assist you in some way and I will give the girls a big cuddle tonight.



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