Loupe Award results

I have a few awards back from the Loupe Awards with 4 Bronze and one Silver so far.

In every case so far there has been one judge who has been marking me down by 10 points lower than the rest which has been really mucking with my average! It has cost me at least one Silver award…doh!

If I find out who it is there will be no cuddles for that fellow! šŸ™

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  1. Congrats Mark! Well deserved, they are generally hard judges anyway.. I thought that they would do it like the olympic diving.. the top and bottom score are discarded and then an average is worked out.. šŸ™‚

  2. They need to do something like that mate….either what you suggest, or discount the obvious one that is way out of kilta.

    The way they are doing it, if a judge is trying to get an associates image up higher they can easily influence the average by a low mark.

    I will be talking to Mr. Eastway about it I can assure you!

    1. Thanks also to Tommy Boy and Ian….I guess I should be happy with what I achieved based on Tom’s comment, but I am as competitive as they get. At 70 jumps I got a bronze in the open 4 way comp and although that was a major achievement as it had never ever been done before, I was not happy with that and went on to win gold for 8 years in a row in 4 way, 8 way and 16 way!

      Now, how do I do that with Photogarphy…mmmm! šŸ™‚

  3. Mark – I agree about the judging but for a different reason! A Gold Award should be an indication of the standard – if a wine receives a gold medal it has been scored according to a standard, and while there may be variations from wine show to wine show, it means that it has scored 18.5 points out of 20 with 3 points (max) for color, 7 points for nose and 10 points for taste. All judges use the same system and by the time they are allowed to judge at major wine shows their performance would have been evaluated, and their scoring would be similar to other judges.

    If the photographic awards are to mean anything, then a Gold Award should not depend on which (major) competition, or which judges awarded it. And of course if there are so many entries that the judging is split amongst the judges, there must be consistency between judges or the results are a lottery (ie meaningless).

    A good example of this is in the Better Photography Magazine’s competition – this year’s winner (awarded Gold) entered what seems to be exactly the same photo last year and scored a silver and was placed 13th for it!

    Anyway congratulations on your results.

  4. bloody bastard judge! seriously though – is it time for the art judging community to follow the judging of sporting codes where competitors win or lose from judge marks?? The highest and lowest scores are simply ignored (regularly due to personal bias or lack of judging skill).

    On the other hand…. the judging of the 2012 AIPP awards was exceptional and fair, the judge who was marking up or down (at a mark well above or below his or her peers) has the opportunity to explain themselves, sometimes as a result the other judges amend their marks after listening to a different perspective.
    If the “bastard judge” was forced to be out in the open like the AIPP’s I wonder what your result might have been…..

    1. Hi Mal…after seeing some of the other results I think it is fair to say that overall the judging was the same for everyone, so that is what we are all looking for I guess…consistency! I did suggest to Peter Eastway that maybe they simply throw away the rogue vote.

      In any case that year is behind us and onto next I guess!

  5. Thanks Peta…we all did pretty well this year with you and Neal up there in the Landscape awards and me with this one!

    Lucky, coz I didn’t get a mention really in the Landscape awards…doh!

    Must try harder! šŸ™‚

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