Boat House Sunset

I set out this evening to see if the pending thunderstorm was going to do any thing for me and after starting out at Kings Park in amongst the other half of Perth who were there for a concert, I decided to look for a more peaceful location and ended up at the very secret location of the Boat House! šŸ™‚

2 other photogs had also stumbled across my secret location as well…funny that eh!

Anyway, this is probably the best capture from this evenings outing…enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Boat House Sunset

  1. Hey Mark we must of been all out tonight
    Paul Pichugin and I were around at Matilda bay
    Rather nice evening to be out

    1. Yes it was very pleasant to be out tonight Adrian…hows the new 1Dx going mate!

      Big compliment there Jamie, considering how many times I have seen shots of the boatshed…thanks mate! šŸ™‚

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