Thompson’s Bay Sunrise at Rottnest Island

After a big surf on the South side of Rottnest Island yesterday with surfing buddy Hans, we decided to make Thompson’s Bay our mooring location of Choice as Longreach Bay was like a washing machine.

The swell started to subside after sunset and I woke at 0430 to see this cool sunrise evolving!

It even started to rain for a little while which started to generate a hint of a rainbow which is evident in the Western perspective.

All in all a nice start to the day which was topped off with another surf on the south side, this time at Chickens.

2 thoughts on “Thompson’s Bay Sunrise at Rottnest Island

  1. Mark, I know those Rotto early morning pinks & greys that you have superbly captured with the “White Balance” of the moored craft. Don’t blame you for getting out of Longreach with showing a 4m swell on Friday.
    Still With OM D ? Clive.

    1. Thanks Clive…yep got a few of those 4m waves on the head at Stricklands!:)

      Got a couple of cool waves thought

      These were shot on the 5d mk 2 and the 17mm tilt shift Clive.

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