West Papuan Fan

Square Fan

This image is very typical of the beautiful fans we saw in West Papua late last year on True North. The diving was pristine, clear and superb!

A 3 image stitch taken with the Olympus OM-D! Such a cool little camera and off the back of how impressed I have been with the OM-D I have just ordered 2 more for True North with a housing off Peta and Paul North at Camera Solutions.

I have only recently had a need to use the motor drive function on that camera and man oh man does that rock!

Evolution launches 2 new crew boats



An early start this morning proved to be very sweet with some nice cloud around and a full moon setting so that we could get some nice captures for the latest new builds of the line at our company, Evolution Commercial.

My partner Jurien Van Rongen and I started this company in July 2010. We now employ 100 people and have numerous high end customers that we can boast as being regular customers of ours

We built these 2 vessels in 14 weeks from start to hand over and they achieved a very tidy 35.7 knots.

The next 2 vessels in the sheds are 2 x 18m crew transfer vessels which are about 4 weeks away from launch and also coming along very nicely.

I am proud of our team and their dedication to the various missions we set them.

Well done Jurien and team!

Rottnest Swim shots 2013







Peta's shot of me

I set out early yesterday morning to shoot the start of the Rottnest swim with a mission in mind to see if I could get something different this year, so I took my trusty Olympus OM-D out with the underwater housing and I think I achieved my mission!

The 3m swell made for some interesting captures and the aerial taken of me shooting these was taken by the lovely Peta North. The image shows that the conditions were somewhat tricky.

The guy featured standing up and posing for me was from Victoria and he was very keen to put on his fake mo just for this shot.

I saw Leigh Diprose out there as well who has also posted a shot of me doing my thing.

I will post some more from the Rotto side later this evening!

Daughters wedding: Expressions of interest please!


Many of you would have noted a post of mine recently where we announced the engagement of our Daughter to long time boyfriend Dave Hastie.

Wedding plans are now underway in full swing and it is highly likely that the venue will be down South.

I will obviously be pre occupied with being on the wedding party as father of the bride, so being the wedding photographer will be off limits for me, so I thought I might put it out there to photog land for anyone that might be interested to touch base with me so that we can start some dialogue about selecting the most suited candidate for the job.

From the interested photogs, I would like to see a selection of what you consider to be your best 10 wedding shots and a brief summary of the kit you use, an idea of pricing and also suggestions on how the photos will be presented after the wedding.

As mentioned, the wedding will be down south in the Margaret River region, so interested photogs should be prepared to travel down there for this job.

Interested photogs should contact me at mark@northstarcruises.com.au

Thanks everyone and I look fwd to hearing from anyone interested in filling this role.


True North Mark

Model Shoot with the lovely Michelle

Michelle 4

Michelle 3

Michelle 2

Michelle 1

Peta North, Nigel Gaunt and myself went out for a sunset shoot this evening with a budding model looking for some experience.

Our model was the lovely Michelle who did a great job and the conditions turned it on for us as well.

The other reason for the shoot was to give me an intro into Nikon as my new Nikon kit will be coming soon.

Yes, that is right, I have decided to go for the D800E as I think this camera has everything I have been looking for in a camera. There are 2 Canon images in this mix and 2 Nikon images.

The 50’s Look


I met with Christian and Mikie Mike Fletcher for lunch today at Little Creatures in Fremantle.

We were being served by the girl featured above who looked like she had just flown in on the Tardis from the 50’s!

She graciously agreed to have her photo taken so I thought I would share the shot.

A very uniquely old style and pretty look…hope you like the capture!