Model Shoot with the lovely Michelle

Michelle 4

Michelle 3

Michelle 2

Michelle 1

Peta North, Nigel Gaunt and myself went out for a sunset shoot this evening with a budding model looking for some experience.

Our model was the lovely Michelle who did a great job and the conditions turned it on for us as well.

The other reason for the shoot was to give me an intro into Nikon as my new Nikon kit will be coming soon.

Yes, that is right, I have decided to go for the D800E as I think this camera has everything I have been looking for in a camera. There are 2 Canon images in this mix and 2 Nikon images.

9 thoughts on “Model Shoot with the lovely Michelle

  1. That was quick, I dumped everything by the front door and hit the shower….
    I know which shots are Nikon and Canon, top one is my pick,, yes the sunset did turn on just as you predicted….

  2. Markie Mark

    Like Peta, my pic is the top one, too – a more relaxed but evocative shot, with the nice model juxtaposed in the incongruous setting (graffiti, cave like overhang and all that junk in the water behind).

    Great news re the D800E! Lucky you’re so fit – lots of megapixels to carry around 🙂 You’re going to get some fantastic posters!! I love my D4 -it’s been brilliant for wildlife especially …

    1. Hey Greggy…sorry for the late reply mate…I have been at the Oil and Gas show all day and rode there and back…big mistake…note to self…check weather forecast next time and don’t ride in 41 degree heat! 🙁

      I thought you might like the news of the D800e. I am looking fwd to getting my new kit which I am sure will give me a nice spark in my mojo!

      Yep everyone, we were using Peta’s off camera kit and beauty dish.

      Charlene, I think that everyone else is like me and just had enough of waiting for Canon to catch up. My Canon kit is getting a bit tired in any case so I am getting ready for my Iceland adventure later in the year.

      Armand…it is a pretty cool location eh!

  3. Welcome to the D800E club! Greg – those extra megapixels don’t weigh as much as D4 ones because they are smaller! What lenses are you getting?

    My pic is the top shot – second one the pose is too awkward. If I had to guess the top two are Canon shots (seems to be off camera flash and I don’t think you have Nikon Pocket Wizards yet!)

  4. You have to be the 4th or 5th Canon person I’ve heard of, switching to Nikon. Have they been spiking your drinking water?!

    I’m gonna ignore the model altogether and say instead that it’s a smashing location you guys picked!

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