West Papuan Fan

Square Fan

This image is very typical of the beautiful fans we saw in West Papua late last year on True North. The diving was pristine, clear and superb!

A 3 image stitch taken with the Olympus OM-D! Such a cool little camera and off the back of how impressed I have been with the OM-D I have just ordered 2 more for True North with a housing off Peta and Paul North at Camera Solutions.

I have only recently had a need to use the motor drive function on that camera and man oh man does that rock!

4 thoughts on “West Papuan Fan

  1. Nice work Marky Mark, was just wondering how underwater stitched images would turn out. Well done man.

    1. Then trust the stitch master to work it out eh Chizz!

      The biggest advantage of stitching underwater is you can get closer to the subject in portrait mode and have a better chance of the video light casting some light onto the subject.

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