A story of a young boy!

Rottnest Stables


Pink Lake

I am going to tell you a story of a young boy, who stayed at the Rottnest Stables over the August School holidays. The top image is of the house that used to be the riding school back in the early 70’s.

The boy very much enjoyed his stay at the school and saw that old Jack Masters was struggling to keep up with all the work, so the boy wrote him a letter offering to work for him for nothing.

Jack was so relieved that the young boy was keen to assist him with the work load that he offered to pay for his fair over every weekend on the ferry and he gave him a horse to call his own as well as $20 for the weekend’s work.

The boy worked hard, feeding and grooming the horses, saddling them all up in time for the trail rides and then leading the trail rides out to the West End.

His horse was called Rab, short for Rabbit ears! As his ears stuck out horizontally. No one else could ride Rab as he was a one man horse and became very fidgety when anyone else came near him.

The boy ended up getting a job as an apprentice and could not keep up the weekend work and shortly after that a virus in the water made all the thoroughbreds very crook and most of them died. Jack Masters was not getting any younger and the passing of so many of his beloved horses was too much, so he closed the riding school and too the rest of the horses back to the mainland.

The top image is of the house that used to be the riding stables. The second image is an tribute to old Rab, showing him rearing on top of a hill which si something he used to like to do and the last image is the view from the other side of the hill that used to be Rab’s hill.

There has never been any more horses at Rottnest since old Jack closed the school, which is a such a shame as it was just the best way to see the island.

That young boy of course was me some 40 years ago! Fond memories indeed!

The road to Infinity

The road to Inifinity

A few weeks ago, my good friend and Photog mate, Neal (mr Spool) Pritchard and I set out into the centre of Rottnest for a shoot around the lakes and this was one of the first images I shot.

I had a high contrast black and white in mind when I shot it and quite like this effect to dramatise the shot showcasing the overall composition.

Hope you like it as well! šŸ™‚

‘The Ark’

The Ark

We have a boat in our shipyard at the moment that was passionately put together by an older couple who live on the boat and they cruise up and down the WA coast in it with their 2 dogs.

They have called their creation ‘the Ark’ and so I guess they have at least started the 2 animal gig by having their 2 dogs on board!

One of the cool features of this vessel is that it has a large wing keel under the vessel so they can easily beach it when ever they want.

I took this shot a few weeks ago down at Rockingham when they had the Ark anchored down there. The Ark has just been through quite a big refit at our yard and looks ready to sail off into the sunset in search of more animals! šŸ™‚

Sculptures by the Sea 2013

Praying Men

Skeletel Beach

Last week I managed to stumble onto this years sculptures by the sea for 2013 on a day that was a bit stormy and hence not many people were out.

The imagination of these artists is impressive to come up with something new and so different every year and I hope I have added just a little bit to the art to show off their pieces in a different light and perspective.

Geordie Bay Sunset, Rottnest Island

Gordie Sunset V

Jordie Sunset

Had a pretty good weekend with some mates this weekend. Caught up with an old School buddy, Greg Cahill and went out to Rotto for a boys weekend with another mate Glenn in his new Maritimo.

We managed to score Stricklands at a very nice size on the South side of the island for a few hours with only a handful of guys out which was very pleasant. After we all had our fill of waves and could paddle no more, we headed back to the Maritimo for lunch and then back around to the North side of the island just in time for a sunset shoot.

These 2 images are subtly different as one is from a higher location.

A very nice way to finish off a great day out with mates!

More images from the Nikon D800E

Longreach Gods

Lighthouse B&W

Jetty Lights 3

Jetty Lights 2

Jetty Lights

Here are the latest shots from my new Nikon D800E which showcases both the excellent dynamic range of the camera and also the ability to pull detail out of underexposed images such as the jetty shots.

The sharpness and the clarity of the images is also impressive, so I am thinking I have made the right choice of kit for the up and coming Iceland trip later this year.