More images from the Nikon D800E

Longreach Gods

Lighthouse B&W

Jetty Lights 3

Jetty Lights 2

Jetty Lights

Here are the latest shots from my new Nikon D800E which showcases both the excellent dynamic range of the camera and also the ability to pull detail out of underexposed images such as the jetty shots.

The sharpness and the clarity of the images is also impressive, so I am thinking I have made the right choice of kit for the up and coming Iceland trip later this year.

17 thoughts on “More images from the Nikon D800E

  1. Hmm – dynamic range, ability to pull detail out of shadows, sharpness and clarity. You seem to be coming to grips with the camera.

    These are great images.

    (I wish they would ban sodium vapor lighting just from a photographic perspective. Dont they realise we can add that orange colour in Photoshop if we want to – they dont have to do it for us! ).

      1. That would be my pleasure Mark.

        I need to do some more work on my site … Always getting behind on the processing and posting.

        My next trip is up to Cape York in June, but I will be away around WA sometime for sure.


      1. Mark I notice the green colour cast on my camera later in the year when we have had a bit more rain. It seems to only affect landscapes especially those taken inland!

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