Heart moon

Heart Moon!

Wreck Sunrise

2 more pics from yesterday morning’s shoot. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make the heart on the beach and the strange thing is that the tide was on the way out and had been higher than the heart and yet it was still together???

And yet it was 0600 in the morning so I doubt anyone had been up earlier than that to put it together? Maybe Flembot flew in on the Tardis to set this up!

Meteor Shower Perth

Bindoon Sky

I set out in the early hours this morning to give the new D800E a work out and to see if we could capture some of the meteors that were supposed to be hitting the atmosphere today.

I teamed up with Paul Pitchugin and we ended up just North of Bindoon. The sky did the right thing and was very clear. The moon had just set, but the meteor shower was a bit of a fizog unfortunately!

I have a few images with one or 2 meteor lines in them, but managed to capture this one as the first out of the shoot that I like.

F4 at 6400 ISO and the noise is impressively low for such a high ISO. I did not have the ISO filter on this time round, but will check how good that filter works next time round.

The King of all Jetties!

Broome Jetty Sunrise Lines

The title of this post is simply, ‘The King of All Jetties’, which is of course the might Broome Jetty, made to handle the King tides of our Kimberley at sometimes 12m or more, so majestic she stands and still standing after cyclones, mammoth tides a numerous large vessels docking on her day in day out.

One of those vessels is of course, the mighty True North!