Evolution Commercial’s new launch!

Leicon CTV 9 stern

Leicon CTV 9 360

Leicon CTV 9 from Water

Evolution Commercial has raised the bar once again, with the successful sea trial of the first One 2 Three Naval Architects catamaran to be launched in WA.

We did not start getting stuck into the build of this vessel until after the Xmas break and only 13 weeks later perfect sea trials were effected.

A number of similar size vessels have been built on this coast as support vessels for the Oil and Gas game and the most that has been achieved to date with the same power is 28 knots.

We achieved 32 knots with full fuel and water and half pax on board.

The vessel trims perfectly, came in 40kg lighter than the designed weight and rides and tracks beautifully!

A credit to all involved from both our team at Evolution Commercial and also the design team from One 2 Three Naval Architects!

As an aside the One 2 Three Naval Architect team were also responsible for the redesign of the keel and sail kit on the Wild Oats this year, which broke all records for the Sydney to Hobart, so there are some smarts within that team for sure!

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  1. Nice impressions Mark! Amazed at how something like this can be built in such a short time. It sometimes takes me longer than that just to process an image 🙂
    What exactly are these used for if I may ask?

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