Exmouth’s Birds Eye Microlight’s

Me shooting Wing Shot-web

Gav SS

Red Micro


Coral Bay Swell Lines

CB Abstract 1

I have been in Exmouth over the last few days and today I found some time to sneak in a couple of flights in a Mircolight with Birds Eye View Microlights.

My pilot was a young guy called Gav who started the business about 9 years ago. He is barely 30 years old and has been flying Mircolights for 15 years. In fact he tells a story that he was flying as early as 12 with his father!

Microlights have been in his family for many years now and his brothers also fly.

For sure a flight in one of these very cool machines is the way to see the Exmouth Gulf and Coral Bay. You get an excellent perspective with panoramic views and Gav is keen to help you get the best possible photos.

Above are some initial images of the day, but there are plenty more where they came from!

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  1. Hey my home for 14 years. I can remember years ago Gav dipping a wing in the water once. How he stayed airborne I just don’t know.

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