Hunter Reflections

Hunter Reflections 2

Hunter Refelections

Well that was a pretty cool weekend here in Perth! 24 degrees and heaps of swell! Surfed Rottnest both days and wound down this evening working up a couple of images from the mighty Hunter River.

Feeling a nice kind of puffed just now and I am sure I won’t need much rocking to sleep this evening!

Trawlers in the Night

Kailis Night

Kailis Night Trawlers

We have had some very calm evenings of late down under in Perth and the other night, on the way home I saw a total glass off happening, so I ventured into Fremantle to see what might jump out at me and came away with these.

I remember when this area was full of shipyards run by Yugoslav brothers Marko and Drago Sambralio building wooden fishing vessels for the crayfishing fleet.

This whole area was transformed to prepare for the Americas cup back in 1987 and now remind the Tourism icon of Fremantle.

The last wooden boat built in WA was now many years ago and has been replaced by aluminium and fibreglass in the crayfishing industry, but steel still remains the material of choice for the trawler fleet.

Note that the last crayboat built on this coast was 10 years ago…a far cry from when we were building 50 x 50ft + crayboats a year in the early 80’s!

Me thinks I might be showing my age with this story…doh!

Now that’s a Rainbow!

Freo Rainbow

I was on the way to work this morning when I saw this awesome rainbow developing over Fremantle, so a quick detour to Freo Sailing club and by the time I got there I had a full 360 degree version nicely reflecting over the tranquil waters of the club.

A nice way to start the day for sure!

Some more images from the mighty Hunter River and Raft Point

Hunter Mirror

Mangrove Sunrise

Photog Sunrise

Steep Island Glow

The Hunter River would have to be one of my favourite places in the Kimberley as it always turns it on with awesome clouds and it is always picture perfect.

When we used to do the split trips on True North, this is where the swap outs would happen, so you can imagine the excitement when you fly to a dirt strip up on plateau not far from the Hunter, get picked up by the True North heli and then fly to meet the True North in these surroundings!

Very cool!

My other favourite place in the Kimberley is Raft Point and the last photo in this thread shows our view for the Raft Point sunrise out over Steep Island, just as the sin was hitting the foliage below.

Evolution Commercial’s mega job!

3006 Light

Our boys at Evolution Commercial have been going hard over the last 3 weeks. This is one of the most critical barges on the Barrow Island project and we have been tasked to pull of some major repairs inside 4 weeks.

The boys have been working 24/7 since the project started and by the end of next week we will have logged nearly 20,000 man hours!

Pinjarra Steam Train

Choo Choo

Another image from the shoot last week end in Pinjarra with Phil. There are heaps of cool old trains down there, which set the scene for a fun day out.

Back down there tomorrow evening to a secret location to see if we can capture the big moon coming our way.

Let’s hope the pending storm front doesn’t upset our plans!

Montgomery Island

Montomery Island

Another little gem from Montgomery reef.

The clouds and clarity in the sky were especially clear on this day. I have often seen it quite hazy up there due to the incessant burning off that DEC does???

For the life of me, I still don’t get why they need to do that in such a remote area. Let nature take its course I say!