First Images from True North and the PODAS cruise

Montgomery Reflections

Montgomery Runoff

Sail River SS

Sorry about the delay in getting the first images up from the True North PODAS trip, but it has been very hectic on board with numerous things going on and lots of things needing to be done.

Everyone is having a WOW of a time and the talk from the lecturers on board have been very inspirational; Michael Reichman, Christian Fletcher and Art Wolf.

By now i would normally have worked up 100 or more images, but can you believe I have only managed these 3 so far!

More to come…stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “First Images from True North and the PODAS cruise

  1. Beautiful images. A sensational part of our world. How lucky are we that it is Western Australia, a glorious part of our State!

  2. Mark, your Departure, Sat 17.50 from Guantheaume Point.
    I watched True North from Cable Beach as she cut a brilliantly lit line against an electric blue dusk punctuated with the white wash of waves rolling gently on to the shoreline.

  3. Worth the wait, Mark – they look great.
    Especially like the Montgonery reef image, with the patch of light in the centre.
    Must be magic up there.

  4. Looks like True North has turned it on for all the adventurers on board. Looking forward to more pics Mark.

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