The mighty Montgomery Reef, Kimberley

True North Blues Montgomery

Montgomery Forks-Sq

Montgomery Hook

The Montgomery Reef never fails to impress and on last weeks Trip, she surely turned it on for the PODAS guests on board True North.

When I asked many of the passengers who did the aerial heli flight over the reef that day what they thought, many simply said…speechless!

Montgomery Reef is about 600 sq km in size and when True North arrives, the Captains expertly position True North down the main gap in the reef. When we arrive there and look out at high tide you think, why would we be anchoring here…and then the tide starts to go out and the reef starts to emerge from the depths revealing the beauty below.

The water starts to cascade faster and faster down the emerging reef as the tide goes out and the speed at which this happens catches out a lot of sea life, so the birds appear taking advantage of this daily phenomenon.

With all of this, the only way to truly see the colours, textures and overall beauty is to get up high in the True North help.
Enjoy! 🙂

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