Montgomery Island

Montomery Island

Another little gem from Montgomery reef.

The clouds and clarity in the sky were especially clear on this day. I have often seen it quite hazy up there due to the incessant burning off that DEC does???

For the life of me, I still don’t get why they need to do that in such a remote area. Let nature take its course I say!

3 thoughts on “Montgomery Island

  1. I doubt it is DEC burning off. The local indigenous people use fire as a management tool to manage “country”. Plus lightning, etc means there are natural causes as well.

  2. Sorry Mark, I may have confused you. Yes it is almost certainly burning off, but there are a lot of people other than DEC involved. eg the KLC employ rangers who work with and train the traditional owners to manage the land. Management of their land is a source of employment, and one of the principal means of management is the use of cool burns (ie not at the end of the dry season!). I think in that area it is the Worrorra people who are the traditional owners.

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