Trawlers in the Night

Kailis Night

Kailis Night Trawlers

We have had some very calm evenings of late down under in Perth and the other night, on the way home I saw a total glass off happening, so I ventured into Fremantle to see what might jump out at me and came away with these.

I remember when this area was full of shipyards run by Yugoslav brothers Marko and Drago Sambralio building wooden fishing vessels for the crayfishing fleet.

This whole area was transformed to prepare for the Americas cup back in 1987 and now remind the Tourism icon of Fremantle.

The last wooden boat built in WA was now many years ago and has been replaced by aluminium and fibreglass in the crayfishing industry, but steel still remains the material of choice for the trawler fleet.

Note that the last crayboat built on this coast was 10 years ago…a far cry from when we were building 50 x 50ft + crayboats a year in the early 80’s!

Me thinks I might be showing my age with this story…doh!

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  1. no you are not showing your age………you cant be because you are my junior 🙂 Lovely location we had fish there last Saturday when visiting AIPP and ANZANG exhibitions.
    Beautiful images as usual

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