Feeling kinda small at the top of King George!

Thomas Waterfall

At the top of the mighty King George falls there looks to be a small and insignificant fellow standing there.

The reality is that this fellow has had a huge impact on photography over his life and I will leave it to you to guess just who that might be! 🙂

Talbot Bay Mangrove

Backlit Mangrove-B&W

Backlit Mangrove-desat

I need some assistance with this one!

Black and White or Colour?

We went for a bit of an explore in Talbot Bay on this evening and during the first pass the trees were much further out of the water, but it wasn’t long before the incoming tide started to change the outlook considerably.

Fortunately I picked this one off before the flooding tide destroyed my scene too much!

Lady Sculpture

Statue City

Lady Stone

The range of extreme conditions endured by the landscape in the Kimberley can often produce some amazing formations in rocks and old trees and after our little excursion to the Bat Crack on the PODAS trip on True North, we came across this little gem!

I am sure if an artist sculptured this for a large building they would have been rewarded handsomely, but nature managed to sculpt this masterpiece for free!

All we had to do was find it!

The sculpture was located just under the beautiful cave shot I posted a couple of posts ago.

Bat Crack Kimberley

King George Cave Glow

Bat Round

Bat Cave

King George Wedge

What a beautiful day we had here in Perth today!

An early start this morning out to Rottnest with some mates for a cracker surf and then back to go to Jacinda Bayne’s new exhibition opening at the Lynton Kay Gallery in Perth, titled ‘Floating Log’.

This evening’s post is still from our recent PODAS trip on True North and we are still in the mighty King George river. The top image is of a beautiful little place just off to the south of the river and I have been past this area so many times, but this time something caught my eye and WOW, look at the colours and textures we found in this water and wind eroded beauty!

The other images are of a neat little offshoot affectionately called the ‘Bat Crack’ by the team on True North and as you can see it is a beautiful shallow pool with a crack opening out to the heavens. As it turned out the conditions were perfect for shooting this cave as we had overcast conditions, late in the arvo, which meant we didn’t have harsh contrasty conditions flooding in from the crack.

I only had a hand full of intrepid starters for the sortie and I know they were all very glad they came out to play!

The last image is from just outside the Bat Crack, where there is a beautiful wedge, once again showcasing natures very special treatment and sculpturing in this little wedge island.

I hope everyone else managed to get out and about in todays glorious weather!

Tomorrow I have some more special erosion sculptures from this region.

King George Ladder Pool

The Ladder

King George Ladder Pool

With this post I hope to show that getting good pictures sometimes means going that extra mile!

A few years ago during my journey into the magical world of photography I made a pact with myself that if a photo opportunity presents itself, then I must go all out to capture and maximise that opportunity.

This came off the back of a time when I was coming back from down South, was a little pressed for time, saw an excellent photo opportunity but thought…’not today…I will get it next time’!

Guess what, that ‘next time’ has never come again! So now I ensure that within reason I will pursue every opportunity to the best of my ability!

So, after a beautiful shoot in the Bat Crack in the mighty King George river (stay tuned for that post), our guide Curley suggested we look at this ladder pool. Given that we were late in the arvo and with nice overcast conditions giving a beautiful even light, I thought…why not….how long will it be before I am back here at this time of day, in this light etc etc.

We were running low on time as the presentations for the last night of the PODAS trip were scheduled to start at 1800 and we were looking at 1700 with a decent run back out the river to meet True North.

But we went for it. On arrival we found that in order to get to the beautiful pool above, we needed to climb a rope ladder (shown in the above shot), carry on climbing the rope and edge across the face of a water fall, in order to climb to the top.

Our resident photog on board True North, Oli decided to join me and so up we went, captured the gold, scaled back down and made it back to True North just in time for the presentation….

Mission accomplished! 🙂

After working up the image at the top of the pool this evening, the effort was definitely worth it.

So, next time you see an opportunity, remember this post and and just perhaps it might help you to make sure you seize every opportunity!

The mighty Montgomery Reef, Kimberley

True North Blues Montgomery

Montgomery Forks-Sq

Montgomery Hook

The Montgomery Reef never fails to impress and on last weeks Trip, she surely turned it on for the PODAS guests on board True North.

When I asked many of the passengers who did the aerial heli flight over the reef that day what they thought, many simply said…speechless!

Montgomery Reef is about 600 sq km in size and when True North arrives, the Captains expertly position True North down the main gap in the reef. When we arrive there and look out at high tide you think, why would we be anchoring here…and then the tide starts to go out and the reef starts to emerge from the depths revealing the beauty below.

The water starts to cascade faster and faster down the emerging reef as the tide goes out and the speed at which this happens catches out a lot of sea life, so the birds appear taking advantage of this daily phenomenon.

With all of this, the only way to truly see the colours, textures and overall beauty is to get up high in the True North help.
Enjoy! 🙂

East Fremantle Dolphins

Dolphin 1

Dolphin 2

Dolphin 3

Dolphin 4

Dolphin 5

I was pretty spoilt on the way to work yesterday, when I saw a pod of Dolphins rounding up a school of bait fish against the river bank.

They are so clever the way they work as a team and heard the fish into corners.

The show attracted quite a crowd as well and what i thought was also really cool was how intent the dog was at the show!

True North, Kimberley follow up photos

Web City

Jar Island

Kimberley Purples

Here are a few more from the recent PODAS trip on the True North.

The purple flowers were everywhere on our walk around the rim of Eagle Falls.

The spider web took my eye as it had an unusual cone shape to it and some nice light hitting it as well.

Jar Island never fails and I particularly liked the leading lines taking the eye out to the Osprey next that I featured in previous posts.