Eagle Falls, Kimberley

Eagle Falls South St

Eagle Falls is possibly one of the most memorable places we go to on the True North Kimberley Cruises and the best part about it, is that only guests on board True North get to go here as it is very remote and only accessible by help.

We do 5 star banquets next to the waterfall and like the King George image of yesterday it is a bit of a luck of the draw as to the light and conditions when we get there.

But, on this occasion it was game on, with some epic light and cloud and the perfect time of day as well, considering that getting there at sunrise and sunset is just about impossible!

How cool are the clouds in this image!

The walk is also pretty special and challenging, considering we walked and climbed from the waterfall!

King George Magic

TN at King George Mega Pano

I have been to the King George river in the Kimberley many many times before and for sure it is one of the toughest places in the Kimberley to capture properly.

It is often very contrasty at the times when the tides are right to go in. It seems to have its own mini climate, and wind eddies whipping up the water in front of the falls.

Clouds are hit and miss and the colours are very easily blown in these conditions.

I think I have captured the essence of what the King George is about with this image and as it was shot at 70mm the perspectives are pretty much as they should be.

King George Outlook

King George Outlook Final

This is the view where you would not want to be at the height of the wet season as you would enjoy a one way ride over the falls!

I am standing on the Southern edge of the King George falls here, looking out to the West.

This is a 5 image stitch and focus stacked as well.

The Red Cliffs of the King George

King George Reds V

Red Cliffs of King George

In the UK, they have the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’…in WA we have the red cliffs of the Kimberley and there are none more majestic and colourful than the cliffs that lead into the mighty King George River.

Here is a couple of examples of the red cliffs of the King George.

Willyaberup Water Fall

Brett's Waterfall V

I made a flying visit down south with a mate yesterday and back today, but managed to squeeze in an hour to shoot this waterfall at the bottom of his property.

He has often spoken about it and with all of the rain they have had down south this year, I thought it would be a golden opportunity check it out in all its glory.

Not too shabby at all I thought! šŸ™‚

Kings Park Sunrise

Tree Sunrise

I have been driving past these trees a lot lately and felt that there much be a composition there somewhere, so this morning I set out early to see what I could find.

Guess what…it was the morning when the Main Roads department also decided it was time to blow all the leaves around and to put a heap of red witches hats out, so what I ended up with was not quite what I had envisaged, but I am quite liking what i came away with in any case.

A lesson in thinking outside the box for sure! šŸ™‚