Twas a Stormy Night in Perth it was!

Perth City Storm

I have been getting out doing some night shooting lately, getting ready for Iceland in a few weeks.

This shot was on the glorious stormy night we had a couple of days ago.

I am super impressed with the detail the D800E is producing, the lack of noise and what about how sharp the 14-24 lense is!

Settings were ISO 100, F16, 60 second exposure.

I am pretty sure I had the in camera noise reduction filter on for this shot as a test.

Glass half full!

City Trees

Perth City Fountain

Cool Dude

I have always been a glass half full sort of guy and more to the point I think I am possibly and ‘always full’ sort of guy as I very much look for positives in any situation.

I find that negative energy and people really sap you and I avoid negative situations and people like the plague!

To that end, my father has been crook in hospital over the last week and I have had to go in every night to say hey etc. With my positive hat on, I thought….’well I am out now in any case, so lets see what there is to shoot in amongst the Perth storms and rain etc’!

It was a fun night out and I only got a little bit wet, so tat was good also.

The cool dude shot was a young fellow from Sweden who I met up at the lookout at Kings Park. Poor bugger was up there looking for his 3rd credit card he had lost since being in Aus. He looked pretty cool with his hood and the hair thing going on so I pinged him!

Stay positive troops! šŸ™‚

True North Abstract

True North Reflections

This is a rework of a Rowley Shoals image I shot of True North.

I have the full version of this printed on aluminium in my office and I look at it every day and today it occurred to me that the reflections are way cool and deserved to be made a feature of.

This is the result!

Hope you like it!


Kilcarnup Mushroom Rock

Kilcarnup Early

Ian and the Osprey 2

Ian and the Osprey

I went down to Kilcarnup for an early morning shoot with Ian Wise on the weekend. When we woke at 0500 it was bucketing down at Eagle Bay, but a quick check on the rain radar showed the band seemed to not quite go down as far as Margaret River, so we decided to go for it.

I spotted this place when we shot the Cape to Cape run by 2 guys a while back and have always wanted to return.

The decision was vindicated as we did get a few keepers, but we ended up getting chased out by quite a big storm front after a hour or so shooting.

We will be back! šŸ™‚

Wintery Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks St 2

We are down at Eagle Bay spending the weekend with some friends and I snuck out last night to capture some wintery action down at Canal Rocks.

I never tire of that place as it always has a different mood and look to it.

Heading out now with Ian Wise for a sunrise shoot.

Bat Crack Tree

Bat Crack Tree 2

Bat Crack Tree

On the last evening on my recent True North adventure, a few intrepid adventurers from the cruise scooted down the mighty King George River to explore the side cave on the river known as the Bat Crack.

I have posted some other images previously of this cave.

These shots are of the view as we exited the cave and interestingly enough, on the way in we did not even notice this perspective.

Once again it shows the benefit of simply looking behind you every now and then!


Cool Ben


I went for a shoot in Fremantle this afternoon with Mr. Spool AKA Neal Pritchard.

The stand out for me was this really cool buy called Ben from Chilli, who we convinced to pose for us for a few minutes.

What a cool looking dude! šŸ™‚