Black Swan Heritage Competition Finalist


I am very pleased to announce that one of my photos has made the top 25 finalists in the Black Swan Heritage Competition.

The theme is obviously focused on CY O’Connor and the old Barracks in Perth. I took a shot of the CY O’Connor statue out in the water at CY O’Connor beach and then blended him into the barracks as a ghostly overlay.

It seems that the judges liked the concept!

Fingers crossed now to hear about the winner! šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Black Swan Heritage Competition Finalist

    1. Thanks Armand…yep a bit of thought went into this and CY O’Connor had a lot to do with the Arch’s history:

      The Office of C.Y. O’Connor.

      A gentleman named C.Y. O’Connor was the Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department at the time they occupied the Pensioner Barracks. He was responsible for planning the Goldfields Water Supply, and constructing the famous water pipeline to Kalgoorlie. His office was located immediately above the archway, and was one of the few rooms to survive the demolition.
      C.Y. O’Connor – The Man

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