Goanna’s Stars

Goannas Stars

Had an interesting weekend this weekend for sure!

It started off with Luminous Landscapes running a story they did on me which in turn jumped my daily visit tally to 1,000 hits yesterday! Very cool start to the weekend for sure.

The next mission I set myself was to venture down South to catch up with buddies, Christian Fletcher, Ian Wise, Tony Armstrong and Paul Pitchugan.

The mission was to do a night shoot at Kilcarnup and after driving all the way down and planning the whole evening, when we arrived at the entrance to Kilcarnup, there was a ranger there turning people back as they had closed the beach as a dead whale was being buried by an escavator…..dam!

So where to we thought and after a bit of brain storming we decided on Goannas.

This was actually one of the last shots from the evening, so there are certainly more to come!

It ended up being quite an adventure and a lot of fun.

How cool were the clouds today! Managed to ping a few shots off at Lake Clifton and the Estuary on the way home…stay tuned for those as well!

4 thoughts on “Goanna’s Stars

  1. Certainly was an interesting weekend! Had a great time and I love this image mate, thanks for the invite. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your images!

  2. Hey Mark!

    It was great to read your mini bio on LuLa. Yeah, you are a hard charging kink of bloke, for sure. Hope all is well in WA. Some day you’ll see my ugly mug back on the True North!

    1. Gidday Steve,

      Nice to hear from you mate!

      All good here and only a couple of weeks away from my Iceland adventure and bits of Europe as well, so stay tuned for those updates!

      And I hopewe can entice you back to the True North one day! 🙂

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