Goannas Light Painting

Moses Southern Storm

Here area couple more shots taken on the little Photog adventure Down South at Goanna’s on Saturday evening.

Out with Christian Fletcher, Paul Pitchugen, Tony Hewitt and Ian Wise.

Christian made a great lighting dude!

7 thoughts on “Goanna’s

  1. Nice. It was a lot of fun.

    Apparently the whale at Kilcarnup was a pregnant female who died about 10 days earlier.

    Christian was what they call a VAL (voice activated light – as in “go to your left” etc). He was pretty good at it.

    1. Yes, we had some fun eh Ian and yes CF did a great job of being an assistant for the night! We might have to call him in for future night shoots seeing as the Phase makes for a good book end for shoots like that! 🙂

      Thanks Paul also! 🙂

  2. These look awesome Mark! The dramatic colours in combination with the movement from the long exposure works really well here. I think I’ll have to hire Christian as the lighting dude for my next project 🙂

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