Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Holes Gala Light

Back to an Iceland shot I worked up this morning.

This is one of the last ones I took in Iceland and I pinged it from the car at 90kmh!

Very Christian Fletcher…shooting from a car window I must say! 🙂

What attracted me to this shot is the glare coming off the winding road heading out to the Blue Lagoon, which is a famous Iceland attraction where you can swim in the thermal hot springs whilst it is near freezing outside.

The steam off in the distance is the Blue Lagoon and we spent a few hours there soaking our tired bodies after a solid 2 week shoot.

I wish I was there right now actually, I came out feeling 10 years younger!

On the road again!

Le Messac

Le Train!

As this part of our journey ends, we are on the road again tomorrow with a bit of a hell journey….but I am sure we are up for it!

Our final destination in Brittany was where we started, which was Messac and as it turned out, possibly one of the prettiest towns we have seen so far…go figure!

I managed to jag a shot of a 100 mph train scooting past us as a cross walk…man those things move!

In fact they go so fast that you can see through them with a slow shutter speed…very cool!

Le Lock and Le Putty Tat!

Le Lock St

I taught I saw a putty tat!

Here’s a couple for the ladies!

The pano is of one of the many locks we had to pass through and was one of the smarter ones for sure.

The lock masters took great care in maintaining their gardens whilst waiting for the next vessel to bring through the lock.

They were all built in the 1800s and still working very well.

Most have been converted to electric hydraulic now, but a few up in the far reaches were still gear and handle driven, both for the gates and for the gate valves.

The other shot is of a cat look out over a flower bed as a red headed lady rode through…thought the ladies might like that one as well!

Raincoats for cameras that really work!


Lee and the Graffiti

Us in the mall

A little bit rainy today, which was perfect for getting some cool shots of Autumn trees and also Street Art in a Skate board park.

And yes I even had Lee out in the rain…who would have thought!

The main subject of the post today is the little raincoat that Peta North sourced for me before my Iceland trip for my camera.

This is one of those items I have bought, where afterwards I have thought….’how did I ever do without it’!

In Iceland we were caught in some pretty heavy showers and this little camera raincoat saved the day every time.

It is design to have up to a 200mm lens and the design of the raincoat is such that it has a cool bit of vecro that wraps around the lens. The clear plastic is very pliable and does not crease or get hard to see through.

And the access points either side also work really well…all the while the camera is safely tucked away.

I would thoroughly recommend this to all photographers, but unfortunately I can’t recall the brand.

Peta or Paul North will be able to source one for you if you are interested:

You can find them at their website here.

A Knights Tale!

The Red Door-1

The Castle Reflection

The Church

The Castle Tops

Yes indeed, this castle could be part of any scene in movies like the Knight’s Tale!

I have given all of these shots similar treatment to my last post as I feel the look is in keeping with the mood and history that surrounds such ancient buildings.

What stories the walls could tell if they could!

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen the movie Timeline, taken from the book written by Michael Criton,,,check it out. Timeline is up there with one of my favourite movies and is set in Medieval times with a time travel slant to it!


FIrst images from Brittany

Golden Trees

The Run

We are killing a bit of time in Brittany at the moment cruising down the canals in Brittany between Renne and Josilyne.

Very pretty country side for sure and a photo around every corner.

Had some nice apéritifs last night with some cool French guys doing the same trip, but on their way back.

Here are the first couple from this journey.