Waterfall Rainbow

Waterfall Rainbow

I am loving my 14-24mm Nikon lens….it allows you to get images like this that is simply impossible any other way!

This shot is looking down from one of the iconic Iceland Waterfalls and the rainbow was being created by the spray generated from the falls downstream.

When I get time I will process the actual fall shot, which is also very cool!

Another thing that was very noticeable on the trip is the percentage of Nikon shooters out there these days, most of which had the D800E like what our team were using.

A noticeable swing from the Canon 5 D MK2 dominance of a few years ago!

9 thoughts on “Waterfall Rainbow

  1. WOW this is the real deal
    yes Nikon have some great models,but I will be happy with my Canon 7D
    beggers cant be chooser ,so you go with what you have
    die for that image,it`s great;;;

    1. Still a great camera Armand, but for sure the Nikon D800 files are far superior…no doubt at all!

      I would pick up a 5D MK2 any day but as they are still a very cool camera!

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