Raincoats for cameras that really work!


Lee and the Graffiti

Us in the mall

A little bit rainy today, which was perfect for getting some cool shots of Autumn trees and also Street Art in a Skate board park.

And yes I even had Lee out in the rain…who would have thought!

The main subject of the post today is the little raincoat that Peta North sourced for me before my Iceland trip for my camera.

This is one of those items I have bought, where afterwards I have thought….’how did I ever do without it’!

In Iceland we were caught in some pretty heavy showers and this little camera raincoat saved the day every time.

It is design to have up to a 200mm lens and the design of the raincoat is such that it has a cool bit of vecro that wraps around the lens. The clear plastic is very pliable and does not crease or get hard to see through.

And the access points either side also work really well…all the while the camera is safely tucked away.

I would thoroughly recommend this to all photographers, but unfortunately I can’t recall the brand.

Peta or Paul North will be able to source one for you if you are interested:

You can find them at their website here.

6 thoughts on “Raincoats for cameras that really work!

  1. And The KODAK brand stayin’ alive in the background.
    Enjoying your diverse Image selection & treatment. Thanks MARK for letting us all hitch a ride with you .

  2. I have one that looks something like that – the problem I have had is that in 40 knot winds it all gets too hard – tripod about to blow away, umbrella needs 2 hands, camera shaking, and driving rain getting in. The camera raincoat acts like a sail. Still waiting for light rain and light wind to properly assess its value!

    (Its still raining here! – wettest month for 100 years).

  3. Thanks for sharing this Mark, looks like a very nifty solution. We’re doing a workshop along the Great Ocean Road next year and I think we might have to recommend this to the participants, given how quickly the local weather conditions can change. The problem might be the wind, as Ian pointed out…

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