Wild…Iceland Wild! This beach was really something different. Black sand, highly polished back river stones up high, ancient hexagonal stone structure reaching for the sky, wild seas, pinnacle rocks punch out of the sea for the sky and a quicksand beach going around the headland.

Really something quite unique to anything or anywhere I have ever been before!

The Iceland Team

The Walk

The Exit

Here are a couple of shots of the Iceland team, Neal Pritchard (AKA Mr. Spool), Mikie Mike Fletcher (AKA Mikie Mike, Hack šŸ™‚ ), Clint Baker (AKA aaaaand dennn!), Brent Pearson (AKA Brenbat) and yours truly (AKA True North Mark!)

I tried to show them the concept of a skydiving exit out of the crashed DC3…somewhat of a failed mission, but good fun all the same.

The scene here was so black and white to start with that the black and white conversion made little or no difference at all!

Newhaven Copenhagen

Copenhagen Harbour

During a recent visit to the Flembotaruny’s home town of Copenhagen, He, Charlene and I spent an afternoon walking around the main drag of Copenhagen and the harbour known as Newhaven and at the end of the walk was this very tranquil scene.

Off on the right you will see a young girl throwing some nuts or something into her mouth and the young fella next to her eating a roll.

In the low slung ferry there is a guy ducking down inside the ferry, so what appeals to me with this image is the story of everyday life around this beautiful harbour!

Hope you like it Flembotaruny and Charlene!

Smoky Sunset

Smoky Fishermen

Smoky Ship

We had our share of bush fires in Perth this evening which were sending some very cool cloud formations out over the ocean, so I headed out to see what was on offer.

Nothing like the fires of NSW just now and my thoughts go out to anyone dealing with what is going on over there! A big day to get through tomorrow apparently in NSW with 100km winds forecast and 32 degree temperatures!

If you are in the area over there, stay safe and get out with plenty of time as with those conditions, the fire storm will have a mind of its own and it will travel at insane speeds!

Above are a couple of different images that were the product of the unique conditions in the skies over here this evening.

Photog Get together at Little Creatures at 1800 on Friday the 26th of October

The Fishing Village

For those of you who put your name down for next weekends photo shoot out to New Norcia, I am afraid we will have to can that idea for now as we did not get enough takers.

Dylan Fox contacted me last week and suggested a Photog informal get together, so I have decided that perhaps if we make it for next Friday, the 25th of October, at Little Creatures for a drink or 2 and a meal and a catch up.

I have met some fantastic people during my photography journey over the last 5 years and for sure we do not catch up enough. In recent times there has also been some new crew coming up through the ranks doing some really cool stuff and for sure we would like to meet you guys as well.

Thanks to the blog and Facebook etc it feels like we already know each other.

So, if you have time, come along, put faces to the names you have met on the blogs etc and get to know the cool people a little better that make up this community.

The shot above has nothing to do with this gig of course, but it is a nice little scene of a fishing village in Iceland where we had lunch one day!

Peta North and myself will be at Little Creatures on Friday at 1800, so at least there will be 2 of us! šŸ™‚

See you there if you can make it!

To Stitch or not to Stitch…that is the question!

The Spread Pano

The Spread

I am often affectionately referred to as the ‘stitch master’ from my photog colleagues and when I get to a scene I will often start with a wide angle version to get me into the feel of a scene and then step back and look at a broader view.

I think that this scene shows very well why I often stitch as it not only protects the scale of what you are seeing, it tends to tell more of the story. Couple that to the fact that the file size is killer, so that the opportunity to print huge if need be down the track, then I think there is a compelling story for stitching.

I am pretty sure the wide angle version was at 24mm taken with the 24-70. The stitch was taken with the same lens, but at 50mm hence protecting the scale of the scene and not squashing things down as wide angle lenses tend to. It is not quite as evident at this size, but at full size there is a heap of difference!

File size of the stitch is 2.5 gig which resulted from a 20 image double row stack.

Yes it takes a lot longer to work up these mega stitches, but I think the final result pays dividends in the overall result.

I look fwd to hearing your feedback on the 2 versions!

Sincerely yours…the ‘stitch master’! šŸ™‚

Sunset falls

Sunset Falls

Check out the cool cloud formation we spotted whilst setting up for this sunset shoot over these falls!

My recollection of this shoot was bitterly cold with a strong wind blowing in the wrong direction and only an ability to ping off this one shot before giving into the elements.

We came back for a sunrise shoot the next day, which found the conditions even colder to the point where the water on the path below was solid ice and very slippery.