Photog Get together at Little Creatures at 1800 on Friday the 26th of October

The Fishing Village

For those of you who put your name down for next weekends photo shoot out to New Norcia, I am afraid we will have to can that idea for now as we did not get enough takers.

Dylan Fox contacted me last week and suggested a Photog informal get together, so I have decided that perhaps if we make it for next Friday, the 25th of October, at Little Creatures for a drink or 2 and a meal and a catch up.

I have met some fantastic people during my photography journey over the last 5 years and for sure we do not catch up enough. In recent times there has also been some new crew coming up through the ranks doing some really cool stuff and for sure we would like to meet you guys as well.

Thanks to the blog and Facebook etc it feels like we already know each other.

So, if you have time, come along, put faces to the names you have met on the blogs etc and get to know the cool people a little better that make up this community.

The shot above has nothing to do with this gig of course, but it is a nice little scene of a fishing village in Iceland where we had lunch one day!

Peta North and myself will be at Little Creatures on Friday at 1800, so at least there will be 2 of us! 🙂

See you there if you can make it!