The Iceland Team

The Walk

The Exit

Here are a couple of shots of the Iceland team, Neal Pritchard (AKA Mr. Spool), Mikie Mike Fletcher (AKA Mikie Mike, Hack 🙂 ), Clint Baker (AKA aaaaand dennn!), Brent Pearson (AKA Brenbat) and yours truly (AKA True North Mark!)

I tried to show them the concept of a skydiving exit out of the crashed DC3…somewhat of a failed mission, but good fun all the same.

The scene here was so black and white to start with that the black and white conversion made little or no difference at all!

4 thoughts on “The Iceland Team

  1. LOL .. Strangely i did not feel like a showgirl doing this at the time but looking at the pic now you would think it was a chorus line … a unco ugly chorus line, I think brent and Clint are a little to fee in their kicking up the heels, seems a little too natural LOL …

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