Russel’s 1962 EK Holden Station Sedan

Russel 3c

Russel 3a

Russel 3


Russel 7

Russel 5

Russel 6

Russel 4

Russel 2

Russel 1

My good friend Russel brought up his pride and joy this evening for me to photograph.

He restored it with loving care 10 years ago and the EK holden still presents better than new.

We have been debating which of these perspectives does the car justice….which one has your vote!

6 thoughts on “Russel’s 1962 EK Holden Station Sedan

  1. Hi Mark

    No 2 is my favourite, and the last one is pretty good too.

    It is hard to take photos of cars that stand out – I guess it has been done so many times before. I assume the graffiti was already there?

  2. Thanks Ian, yes indeed the graffiti was there and yes you are right about making the car stand out is a bit of a challenge!

    The owner was pretty cuffed with the results, so that is the main thing! He loved the front on view and the stern view as well!

  3. What a great looking car … Our first car that I remember growing up … vinyl bench seats hot as hell in summer, big ass steering wheel, no radio, air con was the wind down windows, seat belts, what seat belts … remember fondly eating many a peters drumstick ice-cream in the back seat on the way to drive ins …

    Nice series there mark last 2 are my favs with the slight colour tones …

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