Important information for Nikon Shooters

Good morning all Photogs out there!

I have just heard from Paul North from Camera Solutions that Nikon has some price increases coming up.

Pauls message reads:

‘Yesterday we received notification of the Nikon lens prices which will start from Tuesday 1st April (this is not an April Fools Joke) they have increased the prices by some big amounts and while the average seem to be around 10-12%, one lens the AF-S 14-24 is going up by 23%? The good news is that they will supply lenses at the old price if we order by close of business on Monday. Canon is also going up from Tuesday but their maximum increase is 9.8%’.

So, if you are thinking about some new gear I suggest make a trip into see Paul from Camera Solutions in the Murray Street Mall to secure your pre price increase kit before Tuesday.

You can contact Paul on: 9225 5966

Or visit their website here at:

Rowley Shoals Beauty

Into the Light

The Three of Us!

Coral Colours

The Edge


I have been going through some Rowley Shoals images this evening for a client, so I thought I would share them.

True North only cruises here 3 times a year and we still have capacity on all cruises to this amazing destination.

I have been diving now for 40 years and have dived all over the world.

I rate the Rowleys up there in the top diving destinations I have ever dived at and a very close second for sure would be PNG and West Papua.

All True North destinations and all awesome in their own right!

Iceland Horse Shoe Bend

Iceland Horse Shoe bend St

I decided to look back through some old Iceland files this evening, Inspired by Tommy Putt from Inspired Landscapes strangely enough!

And very glad I did! Very happy with how this one turned out!

It was quite a trek down a steep and slippery hill getting here!