Sony A7r review

I recently purchased a new Sony A7r, together with a Carl Zeis 24-70 F2.8 lens from Paul North at Camera Solutions.

As usual the service was excellent and Paul moved heaven and earth to make sure I had the new kit in time for the recent Kimberley trip on True North.

My overall impressions of the Sony A7r is very good and pretty much everything I was hoping for.

I was a little surprised as the weight of the Carl Zeis lens, but then I guess for quality glass it is just that…good glass to produce great images! The fact that you need a convertor for the Carl Zies lens to adapt to the Sony is also a bit of a bother.

The functionality of the camera I found very easy to navigate with a lot of the buttons on the top and back of the camera making it easy to adjustor exposure compensation, from AV to M etc. Not dissimilar to how Nikon works actually!

The auto focus on the camera is superb and the rapid fire function is like a machine gun! I also really liked the in the viewer level for both portrait and landscape views.

The 3 main negatives I found with the camera is that the camera does not come with an external battery charger and there is only the ability to charge with a lead that plugs into the camera itself. When on shoots like what I do on True North, I like to leave with one fully charged battery and have the other charging.

Still on the battery front, it does not seem to charge both batteries via the camera with the additional battery pack screwed in, so that was also a problem.

All battery problems will be overcome by buying a separate battery charger, which I will do.

The other issue I found is that even with Camera RAW updated to the latest version, I have to use a RAW convertor program to convert to a DNG file in order to process the RAW files.

This obviously is not a camera issue…but none the less an issue all the same! When on the True North I did not have the band width to upload the latest versions of Photoshop etc, so I was unable to process any images taken with the Sony till after my return.

Anyone from Adobe who might read this…I for one would really appreciate a software update for Camera RAW to simply read a Sony RAW file! I am sure Lightroom users will say the same!

A trap for new players, so take note if you are buying a Sony before you go on safari and make sure you have your RAW processing protocol sorted before you leave!

The files that have come out of the Sony A7r are everything I thought they would be, with great dynamic range, sharp throughout the zoom range of the lens and from edge to edge of the image.

Seeing as I am also a Nikon D800E shooter, I am still in 2 minds as to if I would not be better off with simply getting another D800E body rather than the Sony as the price is similar in any case, the overall size of the kit weight wise is not far off the Nikon by the time you add the Carl Zies lens, the convertor for the lens and of course the body of the Sony A7r.

In summary if you are in the market for a new camera, I rate the images that come out of the Sony up there with the Nikon D800 and far superior to anything I have seen from a Canon.

I may well just buy another D800e as well, then I am covered in every way! 🙂

Mitchell Falls, Kimberley

Mitchell Falls Pano

Above is another take on the mighty Mitchell Falls. As these falls are one of the few that are accessible by road in the Kimberley, they would have to be one of the most photographed as well!

I was fortunate to enjoy a short hell ride up there again on the trusty True North hell from the Hunter River, which is a beautiful flight in itself.

The light was not too bad on this occasion and for sure I have seen it much worse, so overall, reasonably happy with this capture.

Last Day in the Kimberley

Flower Box

The Hunter Aerial

Aqua Blues

The Mine

We are at the mouth of the King George river now and about to cruise up to the falls when the tide permits.

The King George falls are for sure one of the highlights of the Kimberley and I am sure they won’t let us down today.

Some more images above from the previous days on board True North

The True North Adventures continue!


Pandanus Sq St

Camp Creek

Bucaneer 1

Another great day on True North in the Hunter River yesterday and we have the famous Heli picnic at Eagle Falls today.

The images above are from The Buccaneer Archipelago, Camp Creek and Montgomery Reef.

The walk to Camp Creek is a solid walk for about 45 minutes which is rewarded with a cooling dip above the water fall.

More photos from the Mighty True North!

Fishing 1

Foredeck Night

Camp Creek

Pandanus Sq St

Heli Fishing Pano

Action packed adventure as always on the True North!

Yesterday we had hell fishing, a great walk unto Camp Creek and a swim in the Billabong above the water fall, a visit to the famous Kings Cascades, some fishing in the Prince Regent River and finishing off with a tender ride to the Ampitheatre waterfall.

Currently in the Hunter River and heading North tomorrow.

The Mighty Montgomery Reef and True North

Montgomery Sweet St

Montgomery Island

True North Montgomery


Montgomery Gold

Yesterday we found ourselves up nice and early to view the amazing spectacle of 300 square kilometres rising out of the depths as the end of the spring tides showed the reef doing its thing as it has done for millions of years.

The light hitting the reef yesterday was superb and the usual wildlife activities were abundant.

The boys rescued a stranded turtle which would have cooked in the heat in its own shell and we spotted dugongs having a nice little feed on the way back to the boat.

Another glorious day in the Kimberley on True North!