Marina Bay Sands at Night

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Marina Bay Sands

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A few years ago I had the privilege of working and meeting the guy who’s vision created the Marina Bay Sands and also the Venetian in Macau when I was the owners rep for the build of 14 x 47m 42 knot cat ferries for their casino in Macau.

His name is Sheldon Adelson and without doubt he is the most visionary person I have ever met!

I heard a bunch of critics having a crack at him on the radio when the Venetian was being created with some 18,000 hotel rooms! The largest hotel complex in the world now and has dwarfed the previous largest hotel in the Belagio in Vegas, by triple!

During the GFC the Venetian generated more income than the entire Vegas strip and for sure helped keep Mr Adelson’s empire in tact.

I went to the opening of the Venetian in Macau and it was one of the most amazing spectacles I have ever seen.

I hope these images have done some justice to this part of the empire of Mr. Adelson!

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  1. Just beautiful and you do it full justice. I do like the first one which gives the over all view and perspective

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