Just picked up a new Sony A7r from Camera Solutions


Thanks to Paul North from Camera Solutions, we are now kitted up with our new Sony A7r in readiness for our up and coming True North trip this weekend!

Paul was very helpful in sourcing the kit for me and the service was impeccable as always!

My initial impression of the camera as far as ease of use and functionality of the menu is very good and have picked it up very easily.

Quick access to White Balance and Iso etc is available on the back wheel and the live view finder is as clear as a bell.

The info button gives quick access to a histogram and also some handy features like a level.

I use my level in the Nikon a lot so have come quite used of expecting this feature now.

I bought the new kit for Lee Lee to take with her to the Kimberley and also as a handy back up and second camera for me.

I will do some reviews on my impressions of the files that come out of this little baby over the coming weeks and very much looking forward to seeing what the Sony A7r is capable of!

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