Skydiving Nationals at York Drop Zone

The Reach 2

Touch down 2

Touch Down

Made it!

The Gates

The Reach

I drove up to York yesterday arvo to catch up with some old Skydiving buddies as the National Skydiving Championships were being held there for the first time since the 70’s I believe.

The York DZ was something that I created and have since sold, but it was great to go back and see all the improvements Tim Radford and his partners have made there and more importantly how they have carried on with the vision.

New improvements since I saw the DZ last include a swoop pool, new creeper area, new bar facilities, more toilet facilities and an improved camping area.

There were many old faces there and great to catch up and WA was turning on perfect weather for the meet.

The photos above show how much the sport has changed over the years.

There are 2 photos of traditional accuracy where the competitors sit above the pad with larger canopies designed to be able to sink into a target and if the skydiver gets it right they get to kick an electronic pad to hopefully register a ‘0’!

The new discipline is swoop accuracy which involves using serious small canopies and swooping in below designated gates and over the swoop pond and then converting the speed to lift by braking at the end to hopefully land on the target area.

Landing short costs points as does landing long.

Both disciplines are fun to watch and both take a lot of dedication to master.

4 thoughts on “Skydiving Nationals at York Drop Zone

  1. Mark, you should send these pics to the ASM I am sure you will get a front page print, great Pics again Mate.

  2. Great photos Mark and nice comments. It is a great DZ.
    It was really good to see some old faces. Swannee, Kirsty, Gary Traynor.
    Loved the shot of my black rainbow canopy. Can I get a copy of that?

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