Misty Raffles Sunrise

Raffles Misty Pano

I hope a few of you got out this morning to see the amazingly beautiful sunrise this morning!

It has it all going on, fog, dead still, amazing clouds, wild life and beautiful light!

The Raffles is a very special place for me as this was my old hunting ground and I am so pleased they kept the original structure when they made the new accommodation suites.

Within the photo, there are people walking dogs, riding bikes, sitting down and birds everywhere. The train is running down the freeway and I think the image showcases a typical morning in an around this area.

This is a manual 10 image stitch! Certainly not the easiest stitch I have ever done either!

2 thoughts on “Misty Raffles Sunrise

  1. Wow Mark. I love those reflections in the water and that you still managed to capture the city even though its covered in fog. It might have been a difficult stitch but the patience has definitely paid off. 🙂


    1. Thanks Jamie…..Yes, there is so much going on in the big file it is awesome! By the way, I found your Go Pro hiding under my car seat the other day mate!

      It must have slipped under there when we moved and when I went looking for it it was no where to be seen.

      Give me a call one evening next week and come and pick it up.

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