First Images from my Shannon Horse Riding Adventure

Karri Magic

Jeff Classic 2

Jeff Classic

Out of all the possible activities I could have done this weekend, I think my weekend away with Jeff and Merle from Shannon Horse Riding Adventures was as good as it could be I think.

The windflowers were mostly out, the overcast conditions allowed for some cool Karri forrest shots and the horse riding adventures were made just that much more adventurous with the windy and rainy conditions.

All dressed up in our Driasabones, we stayed dry and warm and the horses wanted to run.

Jeff and Merle worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was in order and the meals were very tasty.

So, a couple of teaser shots for now after having been in the saddle now for quite a few hours over the weekend and after covering heaps of kilometres…time to put my feet up and rest my weary butt! 🙂