Knees in the Breeze again!

Us 900

The Dive 900

The Exit 900

Well what a glorious Spring day we had yesterday and I hope everyone got out there and enjoyed it!

I certainly did with an early start to drive to York and found some fab photo opportunities along the way, with low fog and early light scenes and all sorts! More to come of those in coming days.

I went to York to get some practise jumps in for the coming WA bog way record attempt coming up on the 3rd of November and the conditions were perfect for skydiving yesterday.

We did 3 jumps and skydiving photog Stu Barton was kind enough to give me a copy of what he took during the day…nice work Stu! I am particularly impressed with the exit shot as it shows the separation we get with only a 10 way from a single aircraft and the distance that has to be caught up in free fall in order to complete a formation.

The current record was a 42 way which we achieved over Langley Park in the city for a Sky Show about 10 years ago from memory.

The new record aimed for will be a 50 way and the exit height will be 19,000 feet. We will be on oxygen past 12,000.

The main limiting factor for these records in WA has always been the lack of aircraft to do the big ways, but now that the boys at Skydive the Beach have bought my old DZ at York have a number of aircraft in their other skydiving operations in the East and also now that the other DZ’s in WA also have larger aircraft, bigger skydiving formations can now be planned.

This aircraft being used this time around will be 3 Cessna Caravans. They are a mighty workhorse and very reliable.

So, yes a nice way to spend the day using a few of my toys…camera and parachute and then home for a nice meal with my beautiful wife Lee Lee!

Early light as the storm approaches

Craggy Tree Early Light

I arrived at this spot which I have shot before about 10 minutes before sunrise and waited and pinged off a few shots whilst I watched the drama unfold.

The big front was well and truly making its way over the hills to York and the lower clouds you see in this image were raging through….something that is hard to capture with a still image I guess!

In any case as the clouds raced past, the finally sneaked up over the horizon and the early rays coloured my scene with an eery yet beautiful red colour cast.

This was the resultant image!

Comments going to be shut down due to spam!

Dear loyal blog followers.

It is with regret that I advise that I am going to shut down the ability to comment on my posts as I am now getting inundated with spam to the tune of about 4,000 + a day!

It seems that these spammers are just trying to increase their Google presence, but it has become too much of a distraction for me to manage and delete.

Not many of you comment here these days in any case and I am sure those of you who know me well now where else I post and how to contact me, so please feel free to do so using those mor conventional methods.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to be a follower and for all of your wonderful comments.

If I decide to turn the comments back on down the track I will advise via a blog post.

Thanks and regards,

True North Mark

East West Design Fremantle

East West Design

I was driving past this new furniture import shop in South Tce the other day when the new painting on the shop sides caught my eye and then I saw the owner was still painting, so I pulled over to inspect his work and very pleased that I did!

He has created so much depth into the work and it both fits perfectly with the street feel and what he is trying to portray as a shop.

Well worth a look!