Air Guitarist PNG style!

Guitar Boy

During one of my PNG trips on True North, this little guy featured out front with his outgoing personality and jovial ways.

Being a bit out there like this is totally out of character from what I have seen of Pikininis in PNG as they are normally quite reserved!

This is my day 4 Black and White challenge photo by the way! šŸ™‚

More Cendrawashi Bay shots






I hope everyone managed to get a look at the Today Tonight feature on this beautiful paradise last night!

I heard from Belinda Wilkinsom, the presenter, that TT rated highest out of any other show yesterday, so we kicked a big one there!

Here are some other images from the same area and those who watched the show will have seen aerials of these wrecks as well.

As it turns out True North is back on location here as we speak and Christian Fletcher and his wife Jenny are on board as well!


True North feature on Channel 7’s Today Tonight on Monday

TT Remote Tourism

I have just been notified by Channel 7’s presenter, Belinda Wilkinson that the Cendrawashi Bay feature from their True North cruise a couple of years ago will play on Today Tonight on Monday evening after the news.

Above is a bit of a teaser that will be promoted over the Telethon weekend.

Aged ruins out of Toodyay

Aged Ruins

As Merv and I were walking through these ruins, we were discussing how cool it would be if the ruins could tell stories.

One can only imagine the challenges, the heartaches, the joy and the successes endured by people living in this old house.

It would have been in the very early days of the settlement in WA and they would have had to go for miles for help or supplies.

If only the ruins could talk!