Port walls!

Jeff and the Door

When we arrived at Madang port the other day, I got some curious looks by some of the crew when i was pinging this door and the wall next door.

They were wondering if I had lost it I think!

The guy in the shot is jeff, who is one of our local guides who does a grey job.

He too queried what i was up to, so I used the opportunity to make him a model! šŸ™‚

All in good fun!

Water From Above

Bizmark Map

To me, this image typifies what PNG is all about.

A couple of families out in their dug outs at sunset to wave goodbye to us after our 2 week sortie around the Bizmark Sea. Over that time we covered over 1,000 nm and used 27,000 litres of fuel and we saw a huge diverse range in the culture and heritage of the different areas of PNG.

One thing remains a constant up there and that is that they are all so welcoming and genuinely happy to see us.

As you can see in the canoe image, the boys above are spraying them all with water and that small activity was keeping the families amused for quite a while.

Laughter and smiles are common place up there and I never tire of watching them watching us!

Back from PNG




We are now back in Cairns from PNG and on the way home tomorrow.

The Bizmark cruise we just did would rate up there with one of the best cruises we have done on True North as it had everything.

On the first dive yesterday we found one of the coolest looking sea anemones I have ever seen, but I had the wrong lens on to capture it properly, so after a short break headed back out for a 20 minute dive just on that anemone site.

Well worth it as I have already sold one of these now!

Coupled to that on the way back from the dive we heard that one of the guests had hooked a sail fish and we were cruising right by them.

I managed to get video of the final stages of the catch and also a few shots with the volcano in the background. That made 2 good size sail fish hooked for the trip and released and also one Marlin. Not to mention the big eye tuna, wahoo, mackerel and GT’s that were landed!

As if that wasn’t enough, after lunch I just swam to shore and found one of the best snorkelling spots I have ever seen, just at the back of the True North!

Knocked that one out of the ball park we did! šŸ™‚

Leaving the Sepik

Sepik Entrance St-soft


Kick the ball!-900

After a wonderful couple of days exploring the Sepik River we are now back out to an island group near Kevieng for some more diving and water sports before heading back to Madang where we will start the journey back home.

Yesterday we visited an amazing village based in the middle of one of the lakes off the side of the Sepik where the huts are built on stilts and everything is water based!

The pigs live on log rafts and feed off reeds harvested daily by the locals, they smoke fish there and make sago flour off sago trees they haves nearby and then process on a floating log raft arrangement.

Along the way to the lake we handed out a bunch of mosquito nets to the locals who live by the canals and as we cruised up the main river we had the locals very excited by our very own Spider Man kicking soccer balls off the brow.

Now cruising up the Sepik River

Sepic Sunrise

We have now left the tropical island vistas and early this morning entered the mighty Sepik River, which I am told is one of the largest rivers in the world and certainly the largest river in the Souther Hemisphere.

This photo is of the active volcano at the mouth of the Sepik.

Later today we get to interact with some villages and be fortunate enough to be shown some cultural dancing.