True North up for annual refit

True North on Slip 900

Its that time of year again and True North is up on our slip at Evolution Commercial for our 10 year refit!

In those 10 years we have circumnavigated Australia and PNG 10 times with numerous cruises in-between the circumnavigation and the main engines clocked up over 27,000 hours!

We did not do the Southern Safari cruise this year in order to give us more time for the refit as we are pulling out the old engines and boxes and also the genets, with all new gear going back in!

The Evolution refit team are all over True North at the moment and things are all tracking on schedule.

By early March she should be back to as new condition as she always is when she sails away after refit and ready for another solid years cruising.

Trekking back home!

Walkway Blizzard

Green Blizzard

Lee Lee and the Mountain

The Fridge Door

We are now on our way back home after an awesome skiing trip to Niseko.

We need to research the best way to get there for next time as we are travelling for a day and a half with all the stop overs this time round!

Above is a shot of the Fridge Door bar in Harafu which is a quirky little bar accessed only by ducking down and squeezing through a real fridge door.

Inside it is like the Tardis from Dr Who!

Also there is a shot of Lee on the lower run down to the Gondola overlooking the Volcano and there are also a couple more blizzard shots.

The snow ploughs were working overtime again last night with all the snow that fell once again, yet we were greeted with blue skies this morning.

I am thinking those who hit the mountain today were up for a treat!

Yotei Volcano, Niseko

Niseko Volcano St

Another cracker day in the snow with nearly 500mm dump yesterday and light winds and light cloud all day. They were carting the excess snow out of the township by the truckload today.

Its a bit like the painters on the Sydney bridge, the snow trucks and tractors here will never be out of a job!

This is from the final run down to the town overlooking over Yotei volcano.

Simply beautiful!

Niseko at Night

Niseko Night 1

It snowed all day here adding to the few metres of base that is already here.

We only spent an hour on the mountain today and came back after one of the boys dislocated his shoulder.

He is fine now and it is all set back in place but won’t be skiing again this trip.

The low light days are very difficult to ski in for sure.

So this evening I set out to capture Niseko at night. There were little mini snow flurries coming off the rooves and this was one of the scenes just when the snow was getting whipped up.

Pretty little buildings everywhere here!

We finished off the day with an all you can eat in an hour Mongolian BBQ for $20 each…nice!

Us on the Hill!

Us on the Hill

We scored well today!

I was on a lift with another Aussy around lunch time who had been here for a month and he reckons today is the best they have had all season!

Fantastic snow and perfect weather apart from a bit of a white out this arvo on the last run whilst the next wave of snow came flurrying in.

Man oh man this place gets some snow!

Apparently it costs $16,000,000 a year for this little village to deal with clearing snow every day!