The Opera House dive Rottnest Island

Today I was lucky enough to be invited on a dive at Rottnest that is as hard to find as it is fabulous, but well worth the effort.

The day before, one of the fellows we were diving with spent a few hours looking for the exact location as he only had rough co-ordinates to start with.

But he persevered and then invited my dive buddy Greg and myself to joint his and his offsider on the exploration.

26m to the cave entrance and 38m at the deepest point.

After cruising into the entrance we could see the cave opening up into a huge cavern that was subtly illuminated by some holes in the cave ceiling.

My 5000 lunmina video light was doing its job nicely and pulling out the colours of the schooling pink fish that were hugging the shaded areas and then off in the distance were 6 Grey Nurse sharks, some Dhu fish and a little Lion Fish doing a dance.

I had no sooner settled into the scenery and I saw I only had 3 minutes of bottom time left so back up to the ascent profile.

The water was a bit stirred up from the ground swell the day before, so the conditions were not perfect and I was not really on my A game on the video either as it was all quite overwhelming, but I will be back on a day with better conditions and only this time round, I will be well prepared as to what I am in for.

I hope you like the video and thanks to Greg and the boys for including me in on this adventure!.

You can see the Video here