Trekking back home!

Walkway Blizzard

Green Blizzard

Lee Lee and the Mountain

The Fridge Door

We are now on our way back home after an awesome skiing trip to Niseko.

We need to research the best way to get there for next time as we are travelling for a day and a half with all the stop overs this time round!

Above is a shot of the Fridge Door bar in Harafu which is a quirky little bar accessed only by ducking down and squeezing through a real fridge door.

Inside it is like the Tardis from Dr Who!

Also there is a shot of Lee on the lower run down to the Gondola overlooking the Volcano and there are also a couple more blizzard shots.

The snow ploughs were working overtime again last night with all the snow that fell once again, yet we were greeted with blue skies this morning.

I am thinking those who hit the mountain today were up for a treat!

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