Mountain Sunrise

Mountain Sunrise St

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning after about 500m or more of snow again overnight.

The snow plough boys were kind enough to cut me a path to the edge where I shot this pano.

A nice way to start the day before hitting the slopes very soon.

Conditions are looking absolutely perfect!

Just landed in Niseko

Lee and teh Monkey

The Spot

Flat Roof

Well, we made it into Japan and Niseko today, just!

just after we landed the whole airport was closed due to a huge blizzard that went through. The pilot even shut down outside of the gate and called for a tow into the gate the viability was that bad!

The first shot is of Lee at the half way house in front of a cool Monkey drawing….the colours seemed to match quite well.

The second one is of our chalet for the week…very cosy!

The third is a shot of a house that should definitely not be here in the snow with such a flat roof!

But it does make for a good shot to show how much snow we have up here!

Tomorrow we hit the slopes and we have hire some nice fat skis to handle the powder.

Bring it on!

South Perth Sunset

South Perth Sunset

I took this photo a few years ago now when I was living down at Oakford. I saw what I thought was a cool sunset coming on and had an idea to go down to Point Peron for the shoot.

When i got to the Freeway, I turned the opposite direction for some reason and very pleased I did!

Without doubt the best sunset I have seen in the city area!

Phil Taylor…gone but not forgotten!

Phil on the Ski

I was going through some old files today and found this shot of a very good friend of mine that passed away a couple of years ago and only 6 months after this shot was taken!

When we were out paddling neither of us new that lurking within Phil’s body was a very aggressive and silent form of Leukaemia. 6 months later he lost his battle with the disease and his passing was very much a shock to his family and friends.

I am posting this for 2 reasons.

Firstly as it is the last shot that i have of Phil and those of you out there that new him might like to reflect on how he was a fun loving guy and how he had the ability to have everyone in stitches at parties etc. I had some great adventures with Phil over the years.

But secondly, I want to post this to remind people to not sweat the small stuff…just get on with the journey…pick up the phone and stay in touch with your friends as you never know when they will be taken from you at short notice.

‘It ain’t a rehearsal and life is precious and often way too short’!

Pre Launch Ceremony for our new ferry for Taiwan

Taiwan Flower Setting

Taiwan Launch Group

At 1030 today we held a special pre launch ceremony for our Taiwanese clients, which was a mix of incense, throwing salt water on the hulls infused with special herbs and some other special ceremonies.

The date and time were selected by the Priest back home in Taiwan and it all went without a hitch.

We had our project manager Peter and COO, Dave in and Dave’s daughters feature in the foreground of one of the photos….very photogenic!

Launch is scheduled for the 18th and hand over not long after that.

Well done once again to all the team at Evolution Commercial!

The Opera House dive Rottnest Island

Today I was lucky enough to be invited on a dive at Rottnest that is as hard to find as it is fabulous, but well worth the effort.

The day before, one of the fellows we were diving with spent a few hours looking for the exact location as he only had rough co-ordinates to start with.

But he persevered and then invited my dive buddy Greg and myself to joint his and his offsider on the exploration.

26m to the cave entrance and 38m at the deepest point.

After cruising into the entrance we could see the cave opening up into a huge cavern that was subtly illuminated by some holes in the cave ceiling.

My 5000 lunmina video light was doing its job nicely and pulling out the colours of the schooling pink fish that were hugging the shaded areas and then off in the distance were 6 Grey Nurse sharks, some Dhu fish and a little Lion Fish doing a dance.

I had no sooner settled into the scenery and I saw I only had 3 minutes of bottom time left so back up to the ascent profile.

The water was a bit stirred up from the ground swell the day before, so the conditions were not perfect and I was not really on my A game on the video either as it was all quite overwhelming, but I will be back on a day with better conditions and only this time round, I will be well prepared as to what I am in for.

I hope you like the video and thanks to Greg and the boys for including me in on this adventure!.

You can see the Video here

The colours of nature


I often wonder at just how clever nature is with matching things and colours together as is the case with today’s post.

How well do this little pink fish match into the scene and the surroundings?

So the theme for today is colour and harmony…hope you are having some colour and harmony in your day today!