Recipe for Salt and Pepper Crayfish

Salt and Pepper Cray The preparation

I have been working on a new recipe for crayfish in recent times and believe it is worth sharing as it works well.

Firstly, tail the crayfish and remove the poo shoot.

Then get a very sharp filleting knife and find the gap between the individual medallions in the ail and carefully cut through with the knife avoiding getting broken shell bits. If you cut carefully you will get a very clean cut.

Then get, plain flour, black pepper, salt, white pepper, lemon pepper, Sechuan pepper, garlic salt and chilli pepper and mix in a plastic bag.

Note you need generous amounts of all the spices.

Toss the cray medallions into the mix and coat well.

I have cooked these both on a hot BBQ plate with generous amounts of olive oil and also have deep fried in a wok…both work well.

Cook in batches and when cooked through add additional amounts of Sechuan pepper to the cooked medallions.

Serve with slices of Lime.

Enjoy and let me know if you like it. My wife even likes cray this way and she doesn’t normally touch it!

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  1. I can vouch for the taste and freshness both A grade stuff … I am keen to try this out now with some prawns over the weekend and maybe a little blue swimmer as well 🙂 good stuff Mark … although I do remember you dining me I don’t remember the wining … next time 🙂

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