Water colours of Rottnest


Stripy Yellow

Purple Glow

What a fantastic weekend at Rottnest this weekend! Now that’s what I am talking about!

Crayfish a plenty, light winds all weekend and just stunning.

Underwater viz was great as well and on the second dive of the weekend, I took the trusty Olympus for a run and captured these.

I was initially upset I had the macro on as I saw some cool wide angle opportunities, but overall, not unhappy with these captures.


Stairway to the Crescent Moon!

Stairway to the Cresent

I posted this image last night on Facebook and have received a lot of shares, comments and likes.

My first image from the D810 I took possession of from the boys at Camera Electronics yesterday.

Extremely happy with the purchase so far and have found numerous improvements from the D800.

Super fast auto focus, much better ability to focus in low light….much much better screen, beautifully smooth shutter operation and kick but high ISO performance!

This was shot at 1600 ISO and absolutely no noise at all!

These aère my first impressions of the camera.

Over time I will do more of a review and in the not too distant future I will compare the D810 to the D810A, the new Astronomy version.

Saul as Camera Electronics is going to lend me one and if I like it I will buy one as well…but don’t tell him yet! 🙂

New Weapon to the Camera Arsenal!


Thanks to the boys at Camera Electronics, I took delivery of my new Nikon D810 today.

A couple of the other lads are running the D810 and are very happy with the results, so am very much looking forward to test running the new member of the family!

I now have a bit of time to get used to and test the D810 as I am also keen on to test drive the D810A (Astronomy version, which is coming out soon)

Charlene and Flemming showcase at Camera Electronic

Flemming_and_Charlene_ShowcaseCome along for two hours of gypsy shenanigans!

On Wednesday 8th April at Shoot Workshops, 232 Stirling Street, my good friends Flemming and Charlene are doing a two hour showcase of their photography with Fujifilm X-cameras.

This is a FREE event but please RSVP! Read more about the event and register here: http://eepurl.com/bhwcwX

Hope to see a lot of crew there! Go team !

My take on this year’s Sculpture by the Sea Show!

The Balls Shackled 2 Towers Flamingo SS Scupture SS The ears have it! Nealing Boy

I set out with White Fella Walkabout last night AKA Paul Marshall, before he heads off on another Walkabout adventure!

We decided to go to the Sculpture by the Sea and ended up with an old mate from Newcastle joint us at the last minute….the legend himself Steve Cummins!

It was a good night out and managed to get a few images that I am OK with.

Hope you like them!

We have a new visitor to our slipway!

WRE on Hardstand WRE Bow Echo and the umbrella WRE coming on Slip

On Monday and well into the night our service team worked tirelessly to safely dock the baby sister to the Super Yacht we are building.

At 60m the baby sister is not such a baby either and being a trimaran hull form, together with the fact the vessel has spanning foils between the main hull and the outrigger hulls the complexity of the slipping operation is quite involved.

This vessel was launched the same year as the True North and is also now up for a couple of months for her 10 year refit.

Well done to the Evolution and Echo team for the long night and the safe slipping operation.

New Helicopter Sight seeing Tours in Albany

Samon-Holes-close-2-light Heli-Lighthouse-Close-tight Heli-9 Heli-8-c Heli-7-c Heli-5 Heli-4 Heli-3

On Friday evening I flew down to Albany to check out the new sight seeing Helicopter operation that is now available to everyone down there.

The new operation has been formed by Skyhook helicopters who are the operators of the True North helicopter.

All of their pilots have many thousands of hours of piloting helicopters around the country and are very professional in how they approach their business.

Rainor Marshall will be the main pilot for the Albany region operation and he has the advantage of having lived in Albany for many years. He knows the region very well and the history, so you will not only get to see some great visuals whilst exploring Albany by air, you will also get a very good insight into the history of Albany.

The machine they have purchased is a gas turbine powered Squirrel which are both reliable and very smooth, which makes for a great photography platform.

So to the Photogs out there, why not get a team together and share the costs and explore the Albany region by air.

No doubt as time permits Rainor will put together some typical packages to choose from, but until then talk to Rainor about individual charters.

I made a short movie of what I saw around the Salmon Holes in Torndirrup National Park and Breaksea Island in King George Sound.

You can see the movie here.

The Skyhook Website can be found here

The Skyhook Facebook page can be found here