Knees in the Breeze at Jurien Bay


What a cracker weekend we had for weather last weekend! I just love Autumn weather in Perth!

On Saturday went down to Mandurah and surfed Avalon Point for about 5 hours with my mate Russell and his son Roy and then yesterday went up to Jurien Bay to see how some young crew I knew were getting on with the AFF course and fun jumps.

They had all come down from Singapore to go to Jurien for 3 days and one of the young guys, Martin managed to do his whole course of AFF in 3 days!

So after 3 days of intensive training and doing consecutive successful jumps, young Martin is now a qualified skydiver! It took me 4 weeks to do the same course in 86 and I thought that was fast!

These are some shots of a star crest load we did at last light.

Thanks to Pete and Chrissey for looking after myself and the boys!

For more information about Skydiving at Jurien Bay you can find them here.

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  1. I feel worn out just listening what you have been up to….keep it up Markie Mark – thats for both of us!!

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