Echo Yachts update

Southern-Bay-Sq-Progress _TNM1979


Off the back of last week’s award, I thought it appropriate to update everyone on our progress with the exciting projects underway at Echo Yachts.

One of the cat hulls has now been joined and yesterday we infused the last of the hulls for the second hull. These should be joined and coming together with the completed bridge decks within a couple of weeks at which time the modules will come together looking like a boat for the first time.

In the aluminium hall, progress is coming along nicely with numerous centre hull modules also nearing completion in readiness to being lined up to also start looking like a boat for the first time.

The movement of the modules is scheduled for about 3 weeks time.

The sun deck module and the funnel are now full complete.

Behind the scenes the outfit on the GRP vessel is well underway as is the engineering and electrical design.

Employment numbers are rapidly approaching 300 now within Echo Yachts.

Echo Yachts just took out the Business of the Year Manufacturer Award at the Australian Super Yacht awards

The Award 900 The Gong

I am very pleased to announce that Echo Yachts has just taken out the Business of the Year  Manufacturer Award at the Australian Super Yacht industry awards.

A big effort by the team at Echo Yachts and it is a nice little testament to the passion and dedication shown by the team to date.

Nice work team!

The Entrance


I hope everyone is indoors somewhere keeping out of the rain and enjoying some relax time!

What a weekend of weather we have had hear in Perth!

I have been watching this composition for a while now as it is just down the road and felt that today was the day. It is a little boutique dress shop just on the corner of Petra and Canning Highway and Sunday is bin day, so the bin that normally lives near the door is out.

Add to that the weather and the rain bringing out the colours in the trunk and flattening out the contrast a bit for me and a lli had to do was dodge the showers!

I almost got home before the heavens opened again!

Pretty happy with the end result and it is pretty much how I envisioned the scene looking in the end.

The Old Mill

Red Face

I set out this morning to a new location which I learned about from a young lady I met on a recent shoot.

In amongst the rain and the cold I managed to get some pretty cool stuff and this is the first of the images I have worked up.

I used a new processing technique here utilising 32 bitt HDR processing in CS6 which is pretty cool!

Something a bit different for sure. I hope everyone is tucked inside somewhere and eating some hearty soup if you are in Perth as its not very nice out there!