Misty Morning at Smith’s Beach

Misty Ocean

We went down South and caught with the Fletcher clan this weekend.

It was great to catch up with them all and had a few laughs.

Christian and I headed out for a couple of shoots and this morning we headed off to Smiths Beach and although very cold, we found some really cool fog coming off the Smiths Beach river and the fog continued out to sea as well.

This is the first of a few images we shot this morning.

Successful hand over ceremony in Taiwan


I am in Taiwan at the moment attending what has turned out to be a very well received hand over ceremony for the new Wave Piercing ferry we built for a local operator.

We had the full gambit going on with colour full ceremonies, a run to the island offshore, fireworks and a lunch which will be followed up with a dinner tonight.

Its great to see clients so happy with something our team has created and the ferry is blowing every other vessel here out of the water with speed and performance!

Perth City Mega St

Perth City Epic Mega St

I had a request from a client for a large image of Perth for a feature wall in their new offices, so I set out this evening to take advantage of the tranquil conditions.

This is a 3 layer stitch of 33 images which ended up being 3.5 gig  of epicness!

At 100% I can see the colour of the seats in the offices!

Stokes National Park

Stockton Lake

On the way Into Esperance, there is a pretty little inlet which forms the Stokes National Park.

The conditions were just about perfect to showcase the inlet as its best.

We came back home today and at the service station at Jermumgup we met a guy who has been riding around the world since 2012. He started in Denmark and went to Carins first, then down to Sydney and is now on his way West.

Quite an achievement and he only had one small complaint  he had was a very sore knee!